Welcome to ICOF

Welcome to ICOF-CSU

Welcome to ICOF-CSU

ICOF Global Vision is to provide academic excellence to Christian students in Africaa through appropriate training and career development with our primary emphasis placed on students from local Churches. The original impetus for the International Coalition of Fellowships (ICOF) occurred in 1932 with a vision to bring Christians together without focusing on doctrinal differences but rather placing the emphasis on achieving the common goal of reaching out to many Christians through education.

Currently ICOF Africa Campus is operating in 35 African Countries and is party of ICOF Global while associating with ICOF International through the twin approaches of Distance Learning and Online Studies. ICOF’s Christian emphasis allows it to function as an important movement within the Body of Christ, promoting unity of purpose through Christian fellowship and quality education.

Our Online and Distance learning programs start with Certificate-level degrees and then progress through Diploma-level awards and finally to full Degrees. Courses are offered in the comfort of the student’s home or office without setting foot on a physical campus! The tradition at ICOF is to provide our students with a quality Online and Distance education at an affordable price. Both our faculty and staff endeavor to serve our students and offer them the opportunity for the education they so earnestly seek.

In a world of rising costs, our students enjoy the benefits of a truly Online and Distance learning experience in education at only a fraction of the cost of a traditional campus setting. Our innovative approach and flexibility of scheduling along with our global presence distinguish ICOF as a leader in Distance Learning. Through our Distance Education Network (DEN) we employ and maintain a multitude of communication methods whereby a student may obtain a quality education in the convenience of the student’s home, office or any other available location.

ALL our students attend a compulsory 21 day Residential School at the start of each semester. This allows students to get to know each other. At ICOF, our students enjoy most or all of the traditional student services afforded on a campus without having to physically relocate to a “Brick and Mortar” location away from their home and family. Our students enjoy and profit from the one-on-one and group online discussions, as well as the open door policy which affords them the opportunity to ask questions of the faculty and instructors when the need arises. Our students are never alone.

Unlike the traditional approach to education where students are forced into a traditional classroom setting, our students maintain the flexibility of choice and freedom through our non-traditional approach to college degrees and courses. Our students, with their fragmented and busy schedules, enjoy the latest in technology and learning tools. Our approach to independent learning, flexible scheduling, adjustable time frames and innovative methods of communication allows our students to learn when and where they find the time and opportunity.

Let us welcome you, our new students, coming from all walks of life, to the ICOF learning experience! We will make every effort to assist you in achieving your educational goals and, when possible, to help to meet the needs and facilitate the dreams of all of our individual prospective students. Our faculty and instructors are of the highest caliber and enjoy jobs within institutions of higher learning, state and federal agencies and corporations of all kinds.

Our faculty and instructors enable our students to obtain the knowledge necessary for tomorrow’s changes, thus increasing their opportunity for personal and career growth.

Our faculty and instructors most generally have a number of years instructing and/or working in their chosen fields of studies.