School of Business Studies

ICOF-CSU deliver these programs on Distance  and Online Master of Arts Degree program  Curriculum

Master of Economics

The Graduate programs, through a rigorous 18 months sequence studies, equip future leaders with the conceptual framework and the specific skills they will need to be successful in Economics and Business Administration. The Graduate School of Economics has the following three majorConcentration;

  • Economics policy and Management
  • Applied Economics and Policy Studies
  • Management Science and Business Administration

Economics Program

The Economics Program annually admits a good number of students. This program is ranked as one of the best economics graduate program in the world. Students take required courses in Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Econometrics, and Economic History. Students are also expected to complete several fields in economics, and pass their master thesis. Then students get the degree of Master of Economics.

The Syllabus includes the following;

Core Courses First Year

  • MEC 01 – Microeconomics
  • MEC 02 – Econometrics
  • MEC 03- Public Economics
  • MEC 04- Monetary Economics
  • MEC 05- Labor Economics
  • MEC 06- International Trade
  • MEC 07- International Finance
  • MEC 08 – Mathematical Economics
  • MEC 09- Behavioral Economics
  • MEC 10- History of Economics
  • MEC 13- Economic History
  • MEC 14- Business History
  • Elective Courses Second Year
  • MEC 11 – Micro Economics
  • MEC 12 – Monetary Economics
  • MEC 11 – Economics of Marketing
  • MEC 21 – History of Economic Thought
  • MEC 22 – Macro Economics
  • MEC 21 – Economic Statistics
  • MEC 31 – International Economics
  • MEC 32 – Fiscal Economics
  • MEC 33 – Indian Economy
  • MEC 34 – Environmental Economics
  • MEC 35 – Managerial Economics

NOTE: Each course is 3 credits unless otherwise indicated


  • Applicants should possess a Bachelors degree
  • Submitted transcripts (Bachelor) should reflect an over-all GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Preference will be given to applicants having a Bachelor in accounts related courses degree or two or more years paid work experience in the field economics.


  • The BA program requires completion of 53 credit hours
  • A 3.0 grade point average must be maintained
  • 18 credit hours – foundation courses
  • 29 credit hours – concentration courses, or approved equivalent courses
  • 6 credit hours – electives
  • Field practicum – Satisfactory grade of “S” for performance
  • Students may be required to purchase Risk and Liability insurance for practicum


  • The online Masters in Economics degree program requires completion of 12 core modules of 7 seven(7) are core Modules and 5 electives unless the student has transferable credits or accepted  life credits in which case fewer courses may be required.
  • Students may select electives from the list of core courses above.

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