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Master of Science Degree Program - Marketing

The MSc International Marketing Management is designed to develop knowledge and understanding of international marketing theory and current business management practices. The MSc International Marketing Management course involves the study and analysis of consumer attitudes to products and business and looks at the behaviour of the customer in a rapidly changing world. It covers both domestic and international marketing issues and develops a more creative, flexible and customer-focussed approach.

A postgraduate qualification in international marketing management enhances student ability to be more creative, flexible and disciplined in approach to marketing. Additionally, this MSc International Marketing enjoys dual award status with the Chartered Institute of Marketing and students who successfully complete the course with us can, if they wish, go on to take two additional CIM modules and gain the Institute’s PG Professional Diploma

Requirements for Master of Science Degree International Marketing Program:

The online, full time and distance learning for Master of Science degree program requires completion of 6 core courses and 4 electives unless the student has transferable credits and or life credits in which case fewer courses may be required. Students may select electives from the list of core courses if desired below.

Year 1, Semester 1 MSc 110 Public Relations 12 12
MSc 120 Retailing and Advertising 12  
MSc 140 Advanced Market Analyses 12 12
MSc 150 Principles of Management 12  
MSc 151 Business Communication 12 12
Year 1, Semester 2 MSc 153 Current trends in Business Administration 12  
MSc 190 Business Law 12 12
MSc 210 Brand and Product Management 12  
MSc 222 Management Accounting 12 12
MSc 362 Consumer Behaviour 12 12
Year 2, Semester 1 MSc 364 Sales Management 12  
MSc 366 Executive Decision Making 12 12
MSc 368 Marketing Communication 12  
MSc 400 Marketing Project 12 12
MSc 450 Strategies Management 12  
Year 2, Semester 2 MSc 224 Managerial Finance 12  
MSc 260 Principles of Marketing 12 12
MSc 360 Marketing Research 12  
MSc 361 General Marketing Management 12 12
  Required Credit Hours 120 120